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Sinking Sand and Stepping Stones

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The other day I was walking my beach. It's a north facing rocky beach. I was up on the high tide line. That's where the sand and gravel is. I was wearing my Muck boots because I was on my way home from the barn.

The sun was shining, I was sweating, and the going was tough. The sand and gravel kept slipping under my feet. It felt like, for every step of distance, I was using up one and a half steps.

Then I noticed bigger rocks. Some were sticking out of the gravel, others half buried.. I changed my path and began stepping from rock to rock. The rocks were solid under my feet. No more slipping.

I was making amazing progress.. I still had to trudge in the gravel every once in a while, but every time I stepped on a rock I felt solid.

I began thinking of Oola and how this was a perfect example of what a difference it can make is someone's life. Oola is that state of feeling awesome when all the seven key areas of your life, fitness, finance, family, field (your career/calling,) faith, friends and fun, are thriving, growing and in balance. It's like stepping stones; solid under your feet. Where going through life without strategic focus is trudging along.

So how do you find the Oola life?

First you have to know where you're at in the seven areas.

Second you have to establish dreams in each area and then break them down into goals

Third everyday you work toward your dreams by accomplishing three mini goals

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