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Free From Flux (for now anyway)

We finally closed the book on our life in BC and can now move fully forward in Alberta.
That means renovations are on!

When you are in the in between - the flux - the waiting - the suspended animation - it's easy to lose sight of intention - motivation - direction - and/or completion.

Hubs and I have been there for two years.

The old life - and all we thought was secure, safe, loving, supportive, community, disintegrated to the thinnest base of family and true friends. And of course God - the One who spoke the stars into space and holds the universe in His scarred hands.

Outside of that - we were on our own floating, floundering some days, and constantly searching the sifting sand under our feet to find that thin base for support.

Some days we were solid - secure - content - optimistic
Some days we were detached - scared - frustrated - and hopeless

But today we are moving forward with intention in all areas of our lives.

Hubs is happier than he's ever been in his career.

I am excited as Anna Wells and the Mystery of the Dusty Duchess is in the process of being published.

We've found community in different groups and a supportive - proactive - compassionate - group of Jesus Freaks to do life with.

And of course fresh paint, and fixtures, and taps, and doors and ........look out Home Depot!

Here I come!
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